Do You, The Client, Care?

I always believe transparency and honesty are key business attributes, but I wonder how farthat needs to go. For example, most people charge out a greater rate than their costs. Thisis basic economics; money in greater than money out equals happiness. They don’t tellcustom...
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Minimum Wage Mayhem

I was with some people the other day and the conversation came around to the pending increase to the minimum wage. The comment that struck me the most was “I’ve heard a lot of businesses say that they won’t be able to employ anyone, unemployment will increase”. ...
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Did you Know?

September 6, 2017

Expenses - Business or Personal?

People claim expenses in businesses all the time - materials for building products that they sell, wages to staff, motor vehicle expenses for getting out and visiting clients, rent for premises used in selling, storing or manufacturing goods, legal expenses incurred to recov...
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