Business Revitalisation cont...

In my last newsletter I spoke about business revitalisation and how it can also revitalise yourself and how you work in and feel about your business.  I’ve been following the process for a couple of months now with Accounta and can see the difference it has made first hand.   In fact, I’m putting my recent major decision down to the effects of the revitalisation process.

About 3 weeks ago I was offered a position in a small progressive accounting firm, steady income – actually a very good income, flexible working conditions, lovely people, professional development opportunities and a lot of other positive reasons for taking on the role.

I was seriously tempted.  

It can be difficult working for yourself where you’re it.  You do all the work, you enjoy the ups and suffer the downs, you’re the only one who answers the phone, or who you can blame if things don’t go right. 

But, working for yourself also brings with it some pretty big positives as well – being your own boss, being able to make decisions about the services you offer, how you offer them and what you charge – that’s a different sort of flexibility that work places can’t always provide.  No office politics when its only me, myself and I, although there can sometimes be a few arguments J(All in my head though).  

Income was a big consideration, but it wasn’t such a driving factor for me.  In the end I went back to why I had set up Accounta in the first place and didn’t just go and get myself a nine to five somewhere. Being my own boss, and the flexibility it gives me, is a huge factor – if the dogs need to go to the vet, I’m there. If I want to take a mental health day, I do.  If I want to expand, like with business revitalisation, I can.  But more importantly I wanted the challenge and personal growth that having my own business gives me.  

Doing the business revitalisation process brought back to the surface my why’s for being in business, it made me look hard at my practice and the processes I currently have in place and the opportunities that I could take on.  It’s made me focus on the important aspects of what I do, how I charge for that, look at what are necessary expenses and what I no longer need and the relationships I have with clients.  It brought back my passion for what I am doing and how I utilise the skills that I have.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t still a difficult decision to turn down the role, but I sleep easy knowing that I did it with the knowledge that my reasons were sound (to me), not based on emotion or greed, and that I am staying true to my values, my needs and hopefully those of my clients.


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